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Get Ripped Mentally

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This just happens to be on my mind because I’ve been away for a few days and need to get back into my workout habit. Training yourself mentally is not that different from physical training. A lot of the same principles apply to personal development that you would include in your exercise regimen.

1. Vary your workout

How to Win Friends and Influence People is an awesome book that will help you in just about every aspect of life. I recommend that everyone read it in the 4th grade then reread it once a year. But there are hundreds of other books that are available to help you no matter what your vocation or calling. You should be reading from a broad range of books, just like you should work out different muscle groups. Limiting your mental development to one book is like limiting your workout to just the bench press.

Not only should you read, but you should listen to audio recordings of seminars and lectures of successful teachers. Think of that as the cardio portion of your workout.

2. Get a trainer

There is a world of difference between working out on your own and having a personal trainer. Just as there is a huge difference between learning from a book and having a tutor.

You should seek out a mentor to help and guide you. A mentor is like a coach. They can see things from a perspective that you cannot and help you correct mistakes. A mentor can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. A mentor can help you to develop a regimen to maximize your effectiveness and push you or encourage you when you need it.

3. Track your progress

A lot of personal development tools and seminars are targeted specifically for professional sales. One thing about salesmen, is that they tend to measure their success only by their sales, which is why so many of them quit before making a breakthrough.

The problem with only counting sales, is that closing the sale happens at the end of the process. What about progress and improvements along the rest of the steps of a sales call. Tracking allows you to look back and see how effective you were on invite, approach, rapport, rebuttals, etc..

If you’re not in sales, then figure out some other way to track your progress. Many personal development tools come in the form of kits that include DVD’s, CD’s and workbooks.

4. Rest

I think most people understand the concept of working out a muscle. You exercise, you push the muscle to the point of fatigue, then the muscle rests and becomes stronger. Your brain also needs time to replenish. A mind given a chance to rest is sharper, while all work and no play makes Jack into a psycho killer.

These are my tips on personal growth and development from the point of view of a personal exercise trainer. Disclaimer: I am not a personal exercise trainer.

Any personal trainers or fitness gurus have anything they want to add or correct?

Author: Matt_S_Law

Matt S. Law is an author focusing on success principle and motivational books. He was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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