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Victory Begets Victory

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I recently returned from a success seminar, what I would definitely consider a “Power Input Environment.” I need to spend a few days to process my notes and figure out how to incorporate the new ideas, thoughts, and techniques into my life (since I’m slightly overloaded right now) then I will definitely share more of those with you.

For now, I just wanted to mention one speaker that stuck in my mind. He was a young man (not even thirty yet if I recall correctly), who built a successful business and retired. What struck me about his story was not the “typical” success story about overcoming adversity, overcoming early failures and challenges, then achieving success. What struck me was his reason for persevering. He did it to be proud of himself.

That was something that I could relate to. Perhaps it sounds shallow or selfish or self-serving, but I could relate to that. Because prior to writing my book I had very few victories in my life.

Even though I have spent years studying success principles and striving to apply them to my life, I had very little to show for it. Owned a small business that earned a moderate amount of money, excelled at jobs that earned me very little money, lost a fiance and never really knew why, knew God but never felt like I was being a good Christian. I wrote a book not just because I wanted to help people add value to their lives, but because I needed a victory myself. I needed to feel proud of something in my life.

I hated the idea of being a student of success and not having anything worthwhile to show for it. I’d hate for someone to be able to point at me as an example that “that positive thinking stuff doesn’t work.” So I committed to writing my book regardless of my current situation in life. Publishing it was a huge victory for me. What has that one victory done for me? Earned me the respect of successful business leaders that I respect. It vastly increased my credibility (having your words printed in a book carries with it the same amount of authority as having a Ph.D. according to leadership expert John C. Maxwell). Forced me to try to live up to the principles that I write about, which in turn tripled my productivity in my business. Oh, and I also got a part on a reality TV show—although I don’t think that was related to the book at all. It’s just really cool though.

And that was from 15 minutes a day of work.

What is the next victory you are looking forward to achieving in your life? And will you set aside 15 minutes a day to work towards it?

Author: Matt_S_Law

Matt S. Law is an author focusing on success principle and motivational books. He was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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