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This Is What My Cat Let Me Write Today


So I should be working right now, but my kitten is curled up on my lap grooming herself. Since this is one of those very rare instances where she is not biting me; I thought I would start writing on my iPhone notepad whatever comes into my mind until the clicking noise gets to her and she goes back into biting mode. Then perhaps I will snap a photo of her “mean face.”

Hopefully those of you following my blog are not in desperate need of a pick me up or advice from me. Instead I’m just stream-of-consciousness writing for the duration of my kittens good mood. Except now she has fallen asleep, which means I could end up being here for another hour or so (how long exactly is a cat nap?). I know an hour doesn’t mean anything to you, since all of this will have been shunted into the “past” column by the time you read this. Instead I’ll need to translate it into terms you will understand. For example, my kitten was sleeping for four hundred words or seven and a half paragraphs.

While I have gotten fairly adept at typing on an iPhone screen, this is actually starting to wear down my thumbs. Probably since I haven’t kept up on my Nintendo skills over the decades. As my thumbs start to cramp, I’m beginning to rethink this whole idea of typing until my cat turns mean again. In fact there is the temptation to jostle her to get her off me and instigate a fight so I can stop typing.

But how can I do that when she looks so peaceful? Taking a quick break to switch to camera mode…photo

See? Isn’t she precious? Unfortunately the camera clicky nose wasn’t quite enough to rouse her so I am still stuck. Or am I? As it turns out, it is close enough to feeding time that my half-Manchester terrier/half-Corgi mutt, Milhouse, is whining loud enough to wake her up. And with irritation comes the biting, and Matt is saved! Sort of. It’s really more of a switch from cramping thumbs to bleeding…

As it turns out, dogs are man’s best friend. At least when they are hungry.photo(2)

Well. That was fun. I’ll return later in the week with something that is hopefully motivating and/or inspiring. (Full disclosure: everything after the dog photo was typed on a keyboard–for those of you concerned about my thumbs…)

Author: Matt_S_Law

Matt S. Law is an author focusing on success principle and motivational books. He was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

3 thoughts on “This Is What My Cat Let Me Write Today

  1. If you can’t be profound, funny (or desperate) are good second choices. Next time you need kitty to wake maybe hum a little “Cat Scratch Fever.”

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