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Carefully Plot Your Inspiration


inspireWhat inspires you? It’s different for everyone. Even though I am an artist I am very much a left-brain thinker (logical, literal). Music doesn’t do a thing for me. It does not touch me emotionally like it does with some people. Same with most artwork. I can appreciate art for it’s technical mastery, but looking at a painting has never caused me to react emotionally.

Since I think logically and tend to intellectualize things, I am inspired by the written word. Posters with phrases to motivate and inspire; those work on me. A really good tweet will inspire me. A story, an epic quest, a victory against all odds.  Movies inspire me, if they have a good message and end with victory (that’s why I can’t stand Chinese Kung-Fu Tragedies).

Why am I talking about inspiration today? Because we can be intentional about inspiring ourselves. Since we know the things that inspire us to be more or do more, why don’t we surround ourselves with inspiration?

I’m currently writing a chapter on Environment (your personal environment, not the rainforests), and thinking about what you can do to create an environment that is conducive to success. Motivation is something that can come from within. Inspiration by definition comes from another source.

But if we want to create an environment that instills us with confidence and inspiration, all we have to do us surround ourselves with inspiring things.

So let me ask you once again: what inspires you?

If you are inspired by a photo, a phrase, a quote, or a movie poster, do you have one in your bedroom? Bathroom? Kitchen? Cubicle?

If you are inspired by a song, have you changed your ringtone to it yet? Do you wake up in the morning to that song as your alarm? (if you don’t know how to do that with your phone, find a kid to do it for you).

If you are inspired by the color blue, then paint your house blue. Get blue-tinted sunglasses so that the whole world is shades of blue.

By changing your environment, you can be purposeful about being inspired. Develop an environment that emotionally drives you in the direction you want to go. Rather than wait for inspiration to sneak up and bite you, go get your inspiration; immerse yourself in it, smear it all over your life so you cannot escape it.

So one last time: What inspires you? And if I walked into your home, would I be able to tell?

Author: Matt_S_Law

Matt S. Law is an author focusing on success principle and motivational books. He was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

2 thoughts on “Carefully Plot Your Inspiration

  1. Gosh, so much to think about in this post…
    If you walked into my house you’d see creativity, but not perfectly packaged. My kids have taken over – they have a junk modelling space on the landing and the dining table is generally given over to their art. The pictures on the walls are done by them too! I think it’s because I don’t (and never have) engaged emotionally with ‘stuff’, so there’s plenty of space for them to make their own mark.
    I do have, above my desk, a picture of the artist Grayson Perry, someone who I really admire, for his art as much as his attitude towards life.
    The other picture is of the castle where my husband and I got married, and beside that is a small notice that says: Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong. It’s a reminder to be nice to myself too and silence my inner-critic.

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