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(Get Out Of What You)

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ImageYes, that title is a sentence fragment that makes no sense. It’s intended to be inserted into a common question to change the way you think about your life, your reason for being and your sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.

Most people when they meet someone ask “what do you do?”

Instead try asking “what do you get out of what you do?”

The first question attaches an arbitrary label to the person. The second question should make someone think. It goes toward motive, towards purpose, towards the why of life.

Some of you may have awesome, fulfilling jobs (I have yet to experience that personally). Perhaps teaching or coaching or entertaining

What do you get out of what you do?

I get to guide young lives and inspire people.

Some of you may have important, respected jobs like policemen, soldiers and surgeons (again, don’t look at me).

What do you get out of what you do?

I get to protect lives and punish the wicked.

(although that darn Hippocratic oath prevents surgeons from acting on that second part).

Some of you may have mundane jobs (like me slinging coffee for 10 years). It’s not the job in and of itself that adds or detracts value to you or your life. Your employer is not your destiny.

I have never thought of myself as working FOR Company X. Even though I may be an excellent employee for them, I am working For ME.

I’m not here for the company’s bottom line, rather I am exchanging my skills and service for a wage. That wage provides me with food, shelter, and the means to better my life and create a glorious future.

What do you get out of what you do?

I get to provide food and shelter for my family.
I get to finance personal art and writing projects that are important to me.
I get to set aside a portion of my wages to eventually earn that special item or trip that I’ve dreamed about.

If you’re not feeling motivated or purposeful or thoughtful when going to work today don’t think if it as you being in the wrong job. Try changing the way you think about what you do.

What do YOU get out if what you do?

Author: Matt_S_Law

Matt S. Law is an author focusing on success principle and motivational books. He was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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