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Operation: Kitty Drop

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She keeps a paw on my hand. When she senses movement, she grabs and bites.

Many experts offer advice on proper blog formatting, how to drive traffic to your blog, how to create compelling copy, blah blah blog.

I read through them on occasion then proceed to ignore them. However, one piece of advice that I recall has to do with humanizing your blog. I suppose there’s no harm in telling the occasional story about myself, my life, my epic journey of self-discovery.

This past weekend, I kicked my cat out of the house.

I hope you weren’t expecting anything really deep, I barely know you.

So, my kitty, Jane (short for “Calamity Jane”) went on a trip with me to Portland, Oregon where I handed her off to live with my mom in Washington.

I didn’t really kick her out of the house. I’m living in a house that my mom owns on Oahu. She recently moved to Washington, so I’ve been taking care of the property and Miss Kitty. Technically, Jane isn’t even my mom’s cat. She was found by our tenant who brought home this little feral kitty. I’m the one that got her to drink kitty formula and milk out of a bottle.


Jane likes to stare off into space, ignoring the camera, pretending she’s posing for an album cover.

She just happens to like my mom.

And bites me.

True, she doesn’t bite hard. But she’ll actually let my mom pet her. And purrs. She never purrs when I pet her. She tolerates me for a minute then grabs hold of my hand and bites me. And my mom really wanted to take her to Washington.

Kitty carrier: $50
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection: $75
Cost to Transport Pet in Cabin of Airplane: $100
Bringing a Grouchy, Bitey Cat to Live With Your Mom: Priceless

So, this ends the Living With Jane chapter of my life. I thought it was important from a perspective of closure to let everyone know about the completion of this circle since I’ve mentioned Jane in the past.

You may remember these blog posts about my cat from the archives:

This is MY book. You don't get MY book until I'm done with it.

This is MY book. You don’t get MY book until I’m done with it.

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Oh, I also spent the weekend at a conference for independent business owners with about a dozen multimillionaire keynote speakers. I’ll blog about that experience next week.


Author: Matt_S_Law

Matt S. Law is an author focusing on success principle and motivational books. He was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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