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Ready For a New Season?

horizonI’ve been quiet the last few months and I thought I should probably explain why. My last post, right before I dropped off the blogging and Facebook grid, was an update on my fasting progress – and I’m sure a few people may have assumed I just wasted away. Not the case.

Like I explained previously, I was fasting not to lose weight, but because I wanted some spiritual enlightenment regarding my future path. So I fasted for three days. I spent most of the first couple days just being really woozy, then on the third actually felt mostly fine. I also set aside a half hour or so each day for meditation and prayer.

For myself, one of the principle purposes of prayer is to thank God for my blessings, which I did (and still do). But for these three days I spent most of my prayer time asking questions.

  • Who should I spend my life with?
  • What cause should I champion?
  • Where is the best place for me to apply my treasure and talent?
  • Am I living my life for Your glory or for my glory?
  • Am I wasting my life here, here, and here? And a little there

I don’t think I was expecting the audible voice of God to issue me an edict (although I wasn’t ruling it out), but at the end of my fast I didn’t have any particular insight on my future path. I did have a new appreciation for food though.

It was a couple weeks later that I would receive my answer. I was having a one on one counsel session with one of my business mentors; discussing my financial goals and where I wanted to be in the upcoming year. He laid out a goal for me, and then added on this recommendation: “If I were you, I wouldn’t publish another book until you hit that goal.”

Which was probably the last thing I was expecting to hear. My first instinct was to justify that writing doesn’t consume much of my time. After all I wrote my first book in 15 minutes. Maybe other people have a problem with being double minded but surely that doesn’t apply to me.

But about 5 seconds into that train of thought, I derailed it without raising a single verbal objection. Why?

Because I asked God for direction, and after a period of fasting and prayer I received an answer from a Godly mentor. Someone who is a friend. Someone that I trust. Someone who has a financial interest in my success. Someone (along with his wife) that I dedicated my first book to. So, it’s not exactly like I could just ignore his suggestion.

And the last reason, because I once wrote “If you only do what your mentor says when you agree with him, then you don’t have a mentor. You have a buddy.” Although, for the life of me I can’t find where I wrote that. It might have been a tweet.

So it really wasn’t a huge sacrifice on my part to give up writing books – temporarily. I’ll put my future books on hold for now, concentrate on developing my business. I think one of the things about writing books that appealed to me was that I could reach a greater number of people than I can training individuals in business development. It’s something that’s easier for me as an introvert. But easy, is not a virtue. And working with people individually I can impact their lives much more than I can through writing. Besides, there’s plenty of time to write books after I retire. Especially if I retire this September.

For those of you that continue to tune in here, I’ll be reducing my blogging frequency to once a month.

And lastly…