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It_Takes_15_Minutes__Cover_for_KindleIt Takes 15 Minutes To Change Your Life

Time is the most valuable commodity you have.
The most valuable commodity that anyone has.
But people waste time, kill time, idle their time away.
Don’t waste any more of your time. Don’t even spend any more of your time.

Invest your time.

Invest a little of your time every day and you can change your life.  

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Feed The Good WolfFeed_the_Good_Wolf_Cover_for_Kindle

Wise men say that within our hearts are two wolves.
One is the bad wolf. It is full of greed, laziness, fear, hatred, jealousy, rage, sorrow. All the negative emotions.
The other is the good wolf. It is full of joy, love, kindness, forgiveness, peace of mind. All the positive emotions.
Both wolves war against each other continuously in our hearts.
When asked which wolf is stronger, the wise men answer, “Whichever wolf you have been feeding.”

(prefer the eBook version?)




FRONTCOVERPositive Stuff I Like

A collection of favorite quotes to motivate, inspire, encourage, educate, uplift, and occasionally lay the smack down on you from Hawaii’s favorite comedian Augie T. All categorized in a way that locals understand; here’s a partial list of the Table of Contents:

“You Got Dis,” “No Tink Stink,” “Go For Broke!” “Go All In,”No Get Mad, Get Bettah,” Nevah Mind Da Haters,” “Spread Da Aloha,” “No Get Big Head,”Favorite Quotes From Dad.”

Foreword by Matt S. Law






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