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The Closest Thing To A Drunk Text You’ll Get From Me

drunkSo, I’m not actually drunk but I am impaired. So I thought it would be fun to write a blog post while I’m lightheaded and partially coherent and see what it looks like next week.

“How much have you had to drink?” I hear your cry. Nothing. I’m actually fasting.

On a spur of the moment decision (Monday) I decided that I would fast and pray for the next three days. And while it’s only been 36 hours, this is what I have to report so far. First, that I’m not even hungry. Which seems strange to me. That should happen when you don’t eat, right?

And second, when I don’t eat I get dizzy and lose motor skills rapidly.

My immediate conclusion is that my brain uses up like 90% of my normal calorie intake, because I am seriously having trouble functioning, speaking coherently and I keep drifting in and out of a semi-conscious state. Sounds pretty close to drunkeness, right?

Most people would question my reasoning for fasting in the first place. Mostly because I am like thirty pounds underweight for my height. I had to explain to my office staff today that I’m not fasting to lose weight, I’m fasting for spiritual reasons. People in the bible used to fast and pray all the time. I’m sure some churches do it today, even in Fat America. I’m fasting because I’m seeking guidance from God on the direction of my life and my vision.

I was prepared to be hungry, what I wasn’t prepared for was my brain just kind of shutting down.

Looking over the last couple of paragraphs, I think that I actually sound quite clear in my writing, but that just might be my “fasting goggles” talking. Next week when I read this, we’ll see how it looks.

I know in my last post I said that I was going to write a post on overcoming fear, but that will have to wait until next week. Tonight I’m drunk texting. Besides, I covered it in the second chapter of my first book, you can download it and read it on Smashwords here.

Look at me, fasting impaired and still able to insert a hyperlink! I think I would do awesome on a field sobriety test.

As part of this experiment in blogging while undernourished, I think I’ll post again tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll at least be hungry. And later, I’ll post on the results of my time in prayer and fasting.

Let’s hope I don’t post anything I’ll regret.


I also did not proof-read this before hitting the publish button. The only editing I did was on-the-fly. Well and I went back and inserted this caption into this photo.