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Enthusiasm + Focus = Rocket Science

I want to talk about two driving forces towards achievement. And since I’ve been talking about universal laws in recent posts, I’ll use a physics metaphor. This is also a poke in the eye to all my critics that say “your writing isn’t exactly rocket science is it?”


What is enthusiasm? It is a fire in the belly, it is emotion, it is desire, it is primal. It is like rocket fuel.

Do you know anyone that is always wanting to do something but never knowing what to do? Someone that is always running around like their hair is on fire? Someone that is passionate about what they are doing even though they have no idea what they are doing?

For enthusiasm to actually produce any sort of meaningful movement, it requires something to narrow the outburst of energy. That is where focus comes in. Focus is like the aperture of the rocket. The aperture channels all the energy from the burning fuel and gives it direction and thrust.

ImageThe narrower the aperture is (the more focused the individual) the greater the amount of thrust.

I recommend the movie October Sky, about the life of NASA engineer Homer Hickam. The first rocket he attempted to build as a high school student, was very similar to his mentality at the time. All fuel, no aperture. Which resulted in an explosion that blew up his parents’ fence.

Too much emotion without any focus usually causes a lot of noise and a big mess but not any great results. Intense focus without any passion to drive the engine results in grand intentions and nothing else.

One important thing to remember: the enthusiasm and the focus don’t have to come from the same person.

A good organization with strong leadership knows how to tap into the power of youth and exuberance and direct it with the focus of age and treachery.

Find where your strength lies. In your enthusiasm or in your focus. Then either work on the area in which you are lacking or partner up with someone that makes up for your deficiencies.

The results of the fuel of enthusiasm fired through the aperture of focus can produce results that are astronomical.

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