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How To Acquire Luck

(I was going to introduce our new business launch today, but we are still having some technical problems with our website, so that will have to wait until next week. Instead, I will empower and uplift you with this reprint of an article I wrote for Helium.com many years ago.)

cloverI’ve heard luck described as “the moment when opportunity and preparedness meet.” A lucky break is only lucky if you are in a position to take advantage of it.

As a quick example, a couple of friends of mine were playing basketball at a public park. Two grungy looking men approached them on the court and offered to play a two-on-two game. They agreed and played for about an hour. Afterwards, they told my friends that they were roadies for Metallica who happened to be playing in the next town and offered them tickets and backstage passes to the show.

“Wow, what great luck!” I hear you cry. No, as it turned out, one of my friends had a final the next day and declined the invite. “Whoa, that’s bad luck…”

But wait a minute. The opportunity was the same for both of them. How could it be good luck for one of them and bad luck for the other? That had to do with their preparedness at the time to accept the opportunity. One friend was caught up on his studies, enough that he could take the time out to play a pick-up game. The other procrastinated and figured he could study after he played some ball. Tough luck.

So, the key to acquiring good luck is being prepared. Because after all, when opportunity knocks, it’s too late to build a door. Like Donald Trump said, “The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get.”

So think about an area in your life that you would like to be “lucky” in.

Looking for a promotion? You’d better start now learning some of the ins and outs of the company you work for. And not just your current position, learn about the job requirements and expectations of your manager, the managers of other departments, the corporate mission statement, and the history of your company. Then when a position becomes available, as they inevitably will, you are already a step ahead to fill the position.

Looking for a financial windfall? Start studying finances, stocks, market trends. And more importantly, start socking away a few dollars from every paycheck so that you have some funds to work with. The worse the economy gets, the more everything in the country will go on sale. Vacations, property, automobiles, art. All of it sells for pennies on the dollar if you have cash to bail out the previous owners.

Looking to be the next big music idol? Then you’d better have a demo tape available when that opportunity comes by and Big Wig Record Producer Smith asks you if your band is any good…

If you want a lucky break, then you better have already put in the work. Otherwise through laziness you forfeit your good luck for bad by default.

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