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Statistically Speaking, Your Life Probably Sucks

ImageLooking at some of the numbers that I’ve collected in my years of research (ahem), it’s easy to state authoritatively that according to our best testing, your life will suck.

If I were to ask you what the greatest day of your life was, many people would point at their wedding day. But according to US statistics, you have anywhere from a 50% to 76% chance of getting a divorce depending on whose study you read.

Perhaps having a child is your greatest day. And having that little person look up to you as the greatest person in the world certainly can brighten your life. But a look at the statistics show that while 95% of children at age 5 say their parents are their heroes, by age 15 that statistic drops to 5%. There is also a 75% chance that their new replacement hero is a drug addict.

Most people lead those lives of quiet desperation that Thoreau talked about. They spend the majority of their waking hours working at a job. Some people call it a career to feel better about it. Here’s some statistics to put that into perspective. The number one killer in this country is heart disease. The most likely time and place you will have a heart attack, is Monday morning at your place of employment. Which makes jobs the number one killer in America.

So we spend the best years of the best hours of our life at a job that is likely to kill us, but it will all be worth it in the end, right? Well according to the Social Security Administration, all Americans that reach the age of 65 have only a 2% chance of being able to support themselves financially.

Depressed yet?

Here’s the good news.

Your success or failure in life is not based on chance. It is based on will. You can determine for yourself whether you will be a statistic or an anomaly. And frankly, all it takes to be an anomaly, a freak, a rebel… is to not follow the masses.

If you don’t want to be a divorcee, then don’t treat your spouse like most people treat their spouse. Don’t treat your wife like your softball buddies treat their “old ladies.” I like to tell people all the time, “You have the spouse that you deserve.” Whether you think that is a compliment or an insult is a pretty good gauge of the health of your marriage.

If you don’t want to die of a heart attack while working at a job you hate, then don’t do what the rest of your beer drinking buddies are doing. Stay out of debt, live below your means, start a business of your own and take advantage of the free enterprise system in this country. “Isn’t starting a business risky?” I hear you cry…

98% chance of being broke at age 65. What exactly are you risking?

Take responsibility for your life. Exercise your own will to direct your life. Do not be a slave to statistics, a product of probability. The only way you will fall onto that wrong side of a percentage range is if you drift with the current and let life push you around. Once you will yourself to stop following the ruts in the road that everyone else is in, to stop agreeing with the masses, to stop blindly following the flocks of sheeple… then the statistics no longer apply to you.

Or you can just go with the flow. And be a divorced, penniless, dead man at the office who never hears from his kids.

What is one thing that you are doing right now, either with your family, your finances or your life, that is different from the average person?