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Today Is The Good ‘Ol Days

“…of all the ages of civilization, this is the most favorable for the development of the imagination, because it is an age of rapid change.”

This was written by Napoleon Hill in 1950-something. This was before the personal computer, before the internet, before iAnythings. Hill didn’t see ANYTHING in terms of rapid change, compared to what we see today.

Today brand new things innovate, advance, and become obsolete all within our life times. Watching new smart phones come and go is like watching the life cycle of a fruit fly in a lab.

Things change.
Things have always changed.
Things will keep changing.
Things will change faster than they ever have before.

Things change so fast that 2-year old companies that have no product are bought by ten-year old companies also with no product for 2 billion dollars (YouTube and Google for those wondering).

Today, right now, this particular day that you are reading this and inhaling and exhaling and in the process of being alive, is the most favorable day in the entirety of the rest of your life for being a success in any area of your life.

Today is the most important day of your life, for positively changing your life. How can I be sure that it’s today? Take a look at your weekly calendar:


All those days that have past by already? It’s too late to do anything with those days. They may have been unproductive and wasted. Or perhaps they were productive, and rewarding, maybe even spectacular. But they are past now. The rest of your life depends on today.

The rest of your life also can never depend on tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes. That’s how a local pub can get away with posting a sign on the wall that says “Free Drinks Tomorrow.” Tomorrow is promised to no one. Tomorrow is perpetually fleeing from your grasp. Living in anticipation of something that “could be someday” is committing suicide gradually.

Today matters.
Today matters more than any other day.

All of your history and all of your future is made up of a series of todays.

Today, do something to better your life, to bring joy to someone, to grow your self, your family or your community.

But do it TODAY.

If it’s five minutes to midnight before you decided to log in and read this and your today is virtually gone. Then the absolute minimum that I expect of you is this: spend the next five minutes brainstorming some thing that you really wish you had done today. Something you should have said or would have done if you had the time, if you had the insight, if you had the guts.

Then at 12:01 you may go to bed and make a promise that you get that thing done TODAY.

Come back and tell me what you did with your today.